RSU #34 Children's Fund

Since starting the Children’s Fund in January 2013 the fund has already provided support to many needs of students in the school system.
Since January we have provided or approved the following;

  • Provided much needed bedding for a student
  • Provided support to a student needing help to attend a  summer camp
  • Assisted  support for a student who needs to go to Portland for medical procedures
  • Support that will make it possible for a student to attend a summer camp program
  • Provided funds for a student’s graduation expenses
  • Provide other summer student camp scholarship needs that may arise

With increased awareness of The RSU 34 Children’s Fund, we know that over the next school year we will be able to provide continued support.
Recently the students and staff organized and conducted a “walk- a-thon” for the Children’s Fund. This service learning activity was organized by teachers Laurie Ouellette, Melissa Gasaway, and Principal Cheryl Leonard. They raised $748.50 through this activity!! 
The Children’s Fund as of June 12th is $2,793.76. This will allow us to address any needs over the summer and at the start of the school year.
The committee has discussed and will implement some steps at the start of our next school year to promote participation in the financial support and use of the fund.  A flyer has been created and a presentation of the fund will be made at the staff’s opening meeting.

Last Update: 29-Jan-2015 7:33