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What are the estimated costs for the Restore the Pride Project?

-The Restore the Pride project will cost about $1.5 – $2 million overall.

What will be the main sources of funding for this project?

- Funding for project to include corporate & individual sponsors in addition to In-kind work.

Why a turf field instead of grass?

-Players on a turf field can continue to play all year round, regardless of the conditions. Turf is also proven to be safer for the athletes overall.

What will the maintenance costs of the new athletic fields be annually?

-The fields will be able to be maintained properly for as little as a few thousand dollars.

How long will the turf field last?

-The turf is said to last for approximately 50 years with minor annual maintenance.

Will the new facilities be used for anything other than high school athletics?

-All RSU schools, Old Town Park & Recreation programs and Old Town-Orono YMCA will be able to use the facilities, as well any other event that may need it in the area.



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