LMS Community Visioning at OTHS
LMS Community Visioning at OTHS
David Crandall
Friday, November 09, 2018

November 9, 2018

Dear LMS Community,

Last night a diverse group of ninety members of the LMS community met for a visioning exercise at OTHS.  We began by considering the future. We asked ourselves what we would like our children’s lives to be in fifteen years and we thoughtfully created the perfect lives we all want for our children.  Next, we had reflective discussions in our small groups about the skills our children would need today to create the perfect images we envisioned.  We shared and then prioritized an impressive collection of ideas in a whole group setting. The LMS staff will begin discussing and using the ideas generated at this meeting to help guide our school’s growth and professional development as we continue to strive to do our best for our children. Thank you to all the community members that helped shape our planning last night.

While we are working to improve, I want to share that our students are very successful today.  The most recent Northwest Educational Assessment Measures of Academic Progress assessment show our students are performing well.  The majority of our students are performing above national norms in both reading and math.  Our eighth-grade math students are exceptional, their mean is a full two points above the national average. 

Student led conferences will be held on November 28, you should be hearing from your child’s teachers to set up an appointment.  The fall chorus concert will be on November 29.

Just a reminder, there will be NO Coyote U the week of Thanksgiving Break (11/19 and 11/22). The last date for this session will be December 13th. 

Cheerleading tryouts begin on Monday, November 12. Good luck.

Mr. Hanson asked me to share the important message below.

One of the ways that LMS promotes a positive learning community is by monitoring how your student is doing in these three key categories:
·         Academics/Habits of Work
·         Behavior/Habits of Citizenship
·         Attendance/Presence
We frequently review student academics, attendance, and behavior so that we can make sure we are doing our part in supporting their growth as individuals. Along with the efforts we make as a school, it is of the utmost importance that students buy-in and become active participants in their growth as a student. One of the ways that we hold students accountable for their growth is by using eligibility criteria for extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities include all school-sponsored activities that are hosted outside of school hours that do not have required attendance associated with a class. This includes our Coyote U program, school dances, athletics, and other extracurricular clubs and events. Today, we sent letters home to parents/guardians of students who have earned a probation or ineligibility status. If you receive a letter, please work with your student to ensure that they are taking active steps toward improving their eligibility status. Our next review of eligibility will take place on the week of December 10th, after report cards have been sent home.
Have a great long weekend.

David Crandall