International Student Association Visits River Runners
International Student Association Visits River Runners
Dr. Jon Doty
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

On November 9th, the UMaine International Student Association visited the 8th grade River Runners cohort.  The LMS students used "voice and choice" to identify which countries they wished to learn more about, and invited guests from India and China.  It was a wonderful way to expand their worldviews and experience new cultures.  

River Runners is inspired by Trekkers, Inc. and their 10 Youth Programming Principles and is part of the Emanuel and Pauline A. Lerner Foundation’s Aspirations Incubator Program (a pilot initiative focused on establishing long-term, mentoring-based youth development models in eight rural communities and small cities across Maine).  RSU #34 and the Old Town - Orono YMCA are partners in this six-year grant opportunity.  The cohorts are mentored by Ms. Jessie Dumont, who also coaches Cross Country at LMS.