Pre-k makes catapults!

PreK used pumpkin catapults with Mrs.Daniel last Friday. Miss. Moody and I made larger ones (with big popsicle sticks) and Mrs. Daniel made smaller ones. The class hypothesized which catapults would launch the candy pumpkins the furthest (most students said the big ones). The students broke off into small groups and tried out one size catapult first and switched halfway to test the other size. After they all had a chance with each size catapult, we gathered around to try out each size as a group. We launched pumpkins with the small catapult first - three times to collect data. It made it all the way to the end of our line! We then used the larger catapult - 3 tries here too! We quickly realized our pumpkins were not launching nearly as far. By the end of testing, we all voted again, with almost everyone determining that it was actually the catapult made with smaller sticks that launched our pumpkins the farthest! What a fun way to wrap up learning about pumpkins and force and motion!