Bailey Homeroom "under water"

6th Grade Team Raccoon here!

We have kicked 2021 off with a bang and have many students excited to share with you what we’ve been doing!

Maice tells us about social studies:  

“Well, we learn how to budget our money which is very helpful because that can help us in our adult lives. We also learned what interest is, and about deciding between buying things we want VS things we need.  We also learn about the world and stay up to date on the news.   We watch CNN 10 every day and we write about it.  It is very fun and to see what’s happening in the world. (Maice S. without her mask!)

Sadie shares about math: 

“We are learning about coordinates and graphing. I've learned that the X value goes before the Y value, that there's 4 different quadrants, and that there can be negative coordinates. I also learned how to turn fractions into decimals.”

(Sadie S. working on a science project earlier in the year)

Henry tells us about what’s happening in ELA

“We are writing a character trait essay about short stories that we've been reading. I am writing an essay about a character named Squeaky from the story Raymond's Run. We have to pick 3 character traits about our selected character and write what is basically just a really long CER.”

Lexi shares about science

“We just finished working on data analysis after we made our own thermoses and collected data on how well they worked. We had the challenge to design something that kept heat the best.  We got to make them twice where we could improve them or make a totally new one.  It has been very hands on and we have worked very hard on them. It is definitely one of the most fun things we have done all year.”

We are always looking at ways to make learning fun, and there are never any dull moments!  Every day is a new opportunity to enjoy being together in whatever shape or form. 

Natalie and Mrs. Bailey noticed their tree’s were merged on Google Meets.

Mrs. Bailey’s Homeroom pretending to take a field trip in the ocean…