Poetry in Mr. Jay's room

New projects of all kinds are happening on Team Eagle! In science, students are learning about the growth and development of organisms, with a focus on plants.  We have been reviewing how plants use photosynthesis to create food. As the weather continues to get warmer, we will be using school grounds to discover how photosynthetic organisms growth, and reproduction can be impacted by the local conditions. Eventually, looking at how these photosynthetic organisms interact with their environment and how energy is transferred between organisms. With the help of Nurse Vanessa, students were able to learn about the process of tapping Maple trees for sap and discovering the sugar content of the sap. 


In social studies on Team Eagle, students are starting a research project on a 20th Century US History topic of their choice. They are learning how to create an open-ended research question, take notes, and find reliable sources. They will have the opportunity to show their learning in a few different ways, including teaching their classmates about their topic. We can’t wait to learn from some of our talented students!


In ELA we have brushed away the ashes of dystopian worlds and have landed in the more hopeful realm of poetry.  From the ode to the pantoum, students are exploring ways that poems can make us laugh, cry, or give light to truths in a flash.