Gabe Ross

In art class this year the eighth graders have had a special opportunity. Eighth grade student, and Bob Ross enthusiast, Gabe Curtis asked Mrs. Nickerson if he could lead the class in a Bob Ross inspired painting class. Mrs. Nickerson was intrigued and allowed him to give it a shot. Gabe led a class that was so successful that she immediately realized there was something more to this.

Mrs. Nickerson was able to order canvases and Gabe is now in the middle of his third class. This time with canvases and acrylic paint he teaches the class to paint simple nature scenes one element at a time. Not knowing what the final product should look like and simply trusting the process the art class is doing an amazing job and having a great time. According to Mrs. Nickerson it has been great to see the student’s confidence build in their artistic abilities as the sessions progress. I was able to join for part of a class last Tuesday, and I had a great time, learned some new techniques, and hope to get the chance to paint with them again. Thanks Gabe.