Map making

Team Raccoon update! 

 March has been a great stretch to really dig into many different standards and projects on the Raccoon team.  In ELA, we started our teen activism research project and will continue after the break.  Students will be choosing an issue that affects animals, researching the problem and solutions, then educating others.  It's a chance to get involved in an important issue and be part of the solution!  In math, students are getting into algebraic expressions and equations.  We will be combining like terms and looking into adding positive and negative numbers when we get back from break.  For science, students have been collecting various types of weather and climate data and examining what earth science principles cause them.  They just finished a mystery postcard project where they chose a place in the world they'd like to visit, collected data for that place, and wrote a postcard so their classmates had to guess where they went.    Social studies has been hugely successful and integrated into many classes this trimester.  Students have been reading the book Fever in ELA, discussing the colonies and causes of the revolution.  They have also been working on many different map features.  The most exciting event happened earlier this week when we had a virtual workshop with the University of Southern Maine's Osher Map Library.  The cartographic outreach coordinator, Renee Keul showed students how to create their own maps.  Students were also each gifted their own mapmaking supplies to keep, and we hope that many of them will be entering the Osher Map competition, open to 4-6th graders at the end of the month!