Graduation Requirements

Refer to this page often to remind yourself of your high school graduation requirements often during your four years. We recommend you take a moment if you are new to Old Town High School to look at the Graduation Requirements, Suggested Course of Study, and Fine Arts Graduation Requirements. 

OTHS Diploma Graduation Requirements
  • English - 4 credits
  • Social Studies - 3 credits
  • Mathematics - 3 credits
  • Science - 3 credits
  • Health - 1 credit
  • Physical Education - 1 credit
  • Fine Arts - 1 credit

To complete the 22 credits necessary for graduation, students will need 6 additional elective courses. Students who are considering attending a 2-year or 4-year college or university are strongly urged to complete at least 2 years of a foreign language. Requirements for special education students will be determined by their IEP.

Suggested Course of Study

Click the following course that is underlined below.

EnglishEnglish 9English 10  English 11 English 12 
Social StudiesUS History 9 World Studies Civics & Consumerism 
MathematicsAlgebra  I  or Tech Math I Geometry or Tech Math III Algebra II or Tech Math II 
ScienceESS (Earth Space Science) Biology Chemistry or CPS

Fine Arts Classes that Satisfy the Fine Arts Requirements
  • Digital Media  (1/2)
  • Web Page Design  (1/2)
  • Video Production (1)
  • Band (1)
  • Concert Choir (1)
  • All Art Classes (1)

Honors Diploma Program Requirements
  • 8 Honors Courses
  • 4 Years of Math, Science, English, Social Studies
  • 2 Advanced-Placement Courses or 2 college level courses
  • Senior Capstone Project of Superior Quality
  • 9 Seminars (Internal or External Seminars)
  • Service Learning Project (1-3 Projects adding up to 20 hours)

• Succeed in a comprehensive course load, performing overall at the proficient-to-superior level in the standards of:

  1. (1) 4 credits each of ELA, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies
  2. (2) the third year of a foreign language

• Succeed in an advanced course load, performing in each course and overall at the proficient-to-superior level in the standards of two college-level courses, and of an additional eight honors or college-level credits

  1. Participate in 9 seminars
  2. Complete one to three service projects, totaling at least 20 hours
  3. Complete a capstone project of superior quality

Find out more by clicking this link: OTHS Honors Diploma

Stem Leaders Diploma Requirements

We are proud to announce the new OTHS STEM Leaders Diploma. This diploma will provide students the skills to serve as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in academia, the workforce, and the community. Requirements are below. The program requirements include:

1. Succeed in a challenging and diverse STEM course load, completing at least 10 STEM credits, of which at least 3 are college-level. Performance in the standards of this coursework must be at the proficient-to-superior level.

2. Participate in 3 external competitions or research showcases (e.g., WindBlade competition, State Science Fair, invited poster presentations, math team, FIRST Robotics Team).

3. Successfully complete a 100-hour authentic STEM internship, including written and oral presentation to peers at the conclusion.
4. Complete a STEM-related capstone project of superior quality, with a focus on technical writing.
5. Complete at least 4 authentic STEM service efforts, through which the student transitions from short-term participatory efforts to longer-term leadership efforts.

  1. Participate in 8 STEM seminars
  2. Demonstrate moderate facility with at least one mode of computer programming/scripting (e.g., MATLab, C++, JavaScript, robotics programming)