About the Program:

We are proud to announce the new OTHS STEM Leaders Diploma. This diploma will create opportunities for students focused on STEM fields:

In addition to STEM Skills, the program is structured to develop leadership skills in students to prepare them for future endeavors in research, industry, and as community leaders. Earning the STEM Leaders Diploma shows evidence of considerable exploration and achievement to colleges and employers.

Selection Criteria/Process:
  • All incoming freshmen students and any current freshmen or sophomore students can apply for the OTHS STEM Leaders Diploma.
  • To be accepted students and their parents/guardians must agree to successfully complete all program requirements
  • Any applicant may be interviewed by the STEM Leaders Committee.

  • Program Requirements (summary)

    In order to graduate with an OTHS STEM Leaders Diploma, students must:

    • Succeed in a challenging and diverse STEM courseload, completing at least 10 STEM credits, of which at least 3 are college-level.
      • Performance in the standards of this coursework must be at the proficient-to-superior level.
    • Participate in 3 external competitions or research showcases
      • Examples: WindBlade competition, State Science Fair, invited poster presentations, math team, FIRST Robotics Team
    • Successfully complete a 100-hour authentic STEM internship, including written and oral presentation to peers at the conclusion.
    • Complete a STEM-related capstone project of superior quality, with a focus on technical writing.
    • Complete 1-4 authentic STEM service efforts, through which the student transitions from short-term participatory efforts to longer-term leadership efforts.
    • Participate in 8 STEM seminars
    • Demonstrate moderate facility with at least one mode of computer programming/scripting (e.g., MATLab, C++, JavaScript, robotics programming)

    Students shall maintain an honorable academic career, free of cheating and plagiarism