Program of Studies

19-20 Program of Studies - (Click the link)

Resources for Students:

Guide to Healthcare Careers - (Click the link)

Selective Service Information  - (Click the link)

Free Resume Builder - (Click the link)

Free Resume Examples - (Click the link)

On Track for College Starts February 3, 2021: Starting February 3 students and their families have an amazing opportunity to think about what comes after high school and to make sure they have applied for the grants and scholarships that will make it easier to afford school.

On Track for College, is a free, first-of-its-kind opportunity in Maine for our graduating seniors and juniors and their families to learn about college from current college students. It also provides an unprecedented opportunity to interact live with admissions and financial aid experts from seven different Maine universities as well as FAME. We are hosting a series of 12 events through April vacation.

COVID has upended the college search process this year but it will not put college out of reach for students and families ready to focus on what comes next. Please encourage your students to register now at visit.maine.edu. Counselors, teachers, and parents can register as well or use this navigation guide to learn more. You can also visit this link for a promotional poster and graphics for social media posts. 

Resources for Parents:

Laptop Form - (Click the link)

Parent Resource - Preparing your student for College - (Click the link)

Resources for Parents: The High-School Years- (Click the link)

Gear Parent Network - (Click the link) - G.E.A.R. Parent Network - Supports for parents and caregivers of children/youth - Toll-free support and resources phone number: 1-800-246-9224 

College/Workforce Prep. Resources:

College Prep-101 - (Click the link)

Resources for the High School Grad - (Click the link)

Forbes - Getting Ready to Join the Workforce - (Click on the link)