RSU #34 Educators are working hard to meet students' physical, academic, social, and emotional needs.  

Please click here (link updated Aug. 19th) for an overview of RSU #34's plan for the 2020-2021 school year. This document will be continually updated as conditions shift, as new state requirements/guidance emerge, and as we make sure the community's questions are addressed.  This document has been updated to address the topics raised at August 12th's public Q&A, to address Maine's adjusted requirements / guidance which were also released August 12th, and frequently asked questions through August 19th.  

Pro tip:  There is a lot of information on the plan; to search within the document and find topics more quickly you can use Ctrl F on Windows machines or Chromebooks, or use Command F on Macs.  For example, you could search for keywords like "symptom" or "laptop."  

Each school is also maintaining a FAQ page for school-specific information.  
Alton Elementary School:  link
Viola Rand School:  link
Old Town Elementary School:  link
Leonard Middle School:  link
Old Town High School:  link

If you have questions that we've not yet addressed, please post the question here!  link

Thank you very much for your support and patience as our community navigates the pandemic together.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to school or district staff at any time. 

Livestreaming or Recording Classes

RSU #34 Educators will be working hard throughout the year to meet the needs of all students, who are participating remotely or in-person. In order to meet those needs, teachers MAY be “livestreaming” or recording parts of the school day to effectively and efficiently engage students who are present, participating remotely, and absent for the day.

There are many factors involved with choices to livestream or record live instruction, including the topic/content at hand, the appropriate instructional method for that content, and the needs/permissions of the students.

Even if a camera is focused on the teacher, live-streaming offers no protection against a blurted name. Any school district has a number of students with active custody disputes, protection from abuse orders, etc. Many students have some level of anxiety about being on screen; live-streaming a class may open up participation for some and close it for others.

If you have concerns about your child being in a room that is livestreamed or recorded, please contact your school administration in writing before the school year begins.