Fun Facts

Here are a few fun facts about OTES...

6,371 lbs of Produce

provided to the community by our Farm Stand

1st in the State

OTES created the first K-Kids chapter in the state of Maine

18,533 Books

available to students and staff in the OTES Library

19 Flags

in our main hallway highlighting the countries our students originated from

4 Communities

The Blue, Green, Yellow and Red Communities make up OTES, bringing staff and students together with a sense of belonging

6 Evenings

Bright Nights in our Sparkle and Shine Lights event where you can join us for lights, hot cocoa and cookies


Griffin Terrill Headshot

Griffin Terrill has a great sense of humor and brightens up our classroom with his joking nature. He is a Multiplication Master and has learned all of his facts up to 12! When Griffin has a goal, nothing will stop him from reaching it.

Adrianne Ferland Headshot

Adrianne Ferland is one of our shining third-grade superstars! In addition to keeping up with her learning goals, Adrianne is first in line to lend a helping hand or words of encouragement to her fellow peers. Keep on being awesome, Adrianne!

Gunner's Headshot

Gunner has the best can-do attitude and positive outlook on life that you could imagine! He loves sports and is a great basketball player. He is always up for a challenge, a game, or a change of plans. His mullet is also legendary.

Carson's Headshot

Carson is an enthusiastic Kindergartener who loves school and making friends. He is very inquisitive and witty. Carson loves all things dragons, snakes, and lizards!

Addy's Headshot

Addy is a member of our K-Kids Club and has really started to take on a leadership role in this group. She’s eager, upbeat, and positive about making a difference.

Owen's Headshot

Owen is a very kind and helpful fourth grader. He is always treating others with respect and looking for ways to help out. He’s a hard worker in class who always does his best.

Emilee's Headshot

Emilee is a kind 5th grade friend to everyone she interacts with. She is eager to learn new things and gets excited about completing tasks. She goes above and beyond when completing assignments and is a stellar athlete!

Elliot's headshot

Elliot is a hard working Kindergarten student who always has a smile on his face. He is a leader in the classroom and loves to share his creative ideas / artwork with others.

Natalie's Headshot

Natalie is a kind 5th grader who is involved in all music activities. She had a “can do” attitude that stands out in the band. She sings beautifully in the chorus and in the musical. She also loves cheerleading outside of school.

Julian's Headshot

Julian always has a smile and a hello for everyone. He is kind to others and always looking for ways to be helpful. He loves math and sports, and is always up for a challenge.