1. Feedback about the school year 2020-2021. First trimester is over!! What are your questions or concerns moving forward 

    1. No new feedback was given

  2. Cece Costello, our school nurse joins the meeting to review some key information about COVID 19 protocols

    1. Answered parents questions or concerns

    2. Reviewed options for students and families with symptoms

    3. Stressed the importance of using the daily screener to be sure children are healthy to attend school

    4. Shared her experience working with other school nurses across the state in the planning process

    5. CeCe encouraged families to call her with questions as they arise

  3. Garden Update: Christina updated the group about some of the Garden activities

    1. Seed money campaign continues and the group has raised about $1300

    2. Share the Seed Money Fundraiser on the Facebook Page again or with others

    3. Christina has created a teacher survey to see how the Garden can support the academics in the classroom

    4. Christina and Renee St Peter are working together to develop Earth day activities for the spring

    5. Christina also updated the group about some of the purchases of gardening tools using the CRF funds 

  4. Local Business Support Update: Jeanna updated the group. 

    1. We had about 50 families participate in the November Local Business Support Goal by eating in or take out at Governors 

    2. We awarded 4 $25 Gift Certificates to families from the tickets put in the box at Governor’s 

    3. This month’s business will be YAMAS! 

  5. One Hand, One Heart, One Community Project

    1. We continue to try to support our families in need with a food drive for the month of December

    2. We are asking families to bring one non-perishable item for this project

    3. We plan on putting together food boxes for families in need during the holiday season 

  6. Usborne Cards Fundraiser

    1. Wendi confirmed we were still interested in the card fundraiser in the spring. 

    2. We thought offering this fundraiser at the end of March and prior to April vacation would be good timing. 

  7. Financial report:

    1. The only change to the financial report was the purchase of the gift cards from Governor’s to raffle off

  8. Jess Gilbert gave an update on her project funded by the PTC last spring.

    1. Since we were able to get many books with the CRF funds, Jess waited to see what was purchased with those funds prior to purchasing additional books for literacy instruction using the PTC designated funds. 

    2. Jess is getting ready to purchase those additional books and help to fill in some gaps in our titles and reading levels

  9. Tiffany Palmer updated the group about the online book fair. Usborne book fair will end this Friday and it’s a great way to support the school library with purchases. Total purchases has been $200 and the OTES library gets 50% to purchase books for the library.

Next meeting: January 6, 2021