PTC Agenda January 6, 2021

  1. Feedback about the school year 2020-2021. First trimester is over!! What are your questions or concerns moving forward. Dr Tuell talked about the 4th graders returning to our school for full in person learning.

  1. Garden Update: 

    1. Garden Aglow 2021: The PTC will develop the concept of a light show in our gardens in December of 2021 to January 2022. We would like to create a community event to support our PTC’s community engagement goal. Christina Lannin will start to develop this event and to gather lights for the project. The PTC voted to give $500 for seed money to get this project started. We will need a lot of volunteers for this event. It was suggested that we get students in the middle and high school to volunteer for this project. 

    2. This would be a great project for our DOG (Dads of Great Students) Group 

    3. This will be an ongoing agenda item for our PTC 

  1. Local Business Support Update

    1. Jeanna updated the group about the month of December’s business at YAMAS. We will purchase $100 gift certificates at YAMAS for our raffle. The month of January will feature Margarita’s for our business of the month. 

    2. A FACEBOOK post has been featured for this event. Encourage families to participate and put their ticket in the raffle for a gift certificate. 

  1. Usborne Cards Fundraiser

    1. A date for our Usborne Card Fundraiser was set for March  8-22

  2. Financial report:

    1. Jeanna reported $100 gift certificates to Governor’s were purchased and raffled to families.

    2. Jeanna reported $80 Tree was purchased from the Boys’ Scout Troop 76

  1. Staff Appreciation Week:

    1. Wendi Sherwood raised the idea of this year’s staff appreciation week and what we can and can not do for our staff this year. Jeanna Ideas to spark student and family engagement

    2. Ideas about providing food were explored

    3. Ideas about gifts were explored

    4. PTC asked if the teachers could be polled to see what they’d like to see for that week’s celebration. 

    5. We will continue to talk about this topic next month 

  2. Student and Family Engagement: 

    1. Jeanna raised the idea of how to continue to engage and connect our families during this pandemic. 

    2. WE talked about how to connect our REMOTE learners to their peers and school. We wondered if their teacher from the year before may reach out to connect with them and see if they are doing well and keep them connected to our school. 

    3. We will continue to talk about this topic at our next meeting. 

  3. Next meeting: February 3, 2021