RSU #34 is always looking for "guest educators" to join our team! We have a number of fantastic educators on our staff who began with us as substitutes, got hooked on kids, realized they could make a difference, and built their careers with us! We're offering two trainings next week, and you can apply on-site at each. Please see the dates, times, and locations in the image!
almost 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
Substitute training flyer
Brianne Lees will be teaching pre-kindergarten full time in Alton this year. Her assistant from last year's VIola Rand School class, Brianne Moody, will be joining her full-time in Alton as well. They are a terrific teaching duo and the staff is excited to have them both with us all day this year!
about 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
Brianne Harper has been hired to be the new 3rd and 4th grade teacher! She has been busy with planning and arranging the classroom for her students. We are excited to have her on staff! The open house will be Thursday, August 29th from 3-5. It will be a good time to reconnect with friends and classmates, see the classrooms and prepare for the new school year!
about 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
New Opportunities for Students, New School Start and End Times, New Bus Routes! The back-to-school issue of Community Connections is off to the printers, and will arrive in mailboxes in about a week! Much thanks to staff and community members who contributed pictures and articles. As we shared in the May issue, this school year will see a big shift in schedule and bus routes to yield new opportunities for students at no extra cost to taxpayers. In total this will yield up to 1,700 extra hours of opportunity to each child over the course of their K-12 journey, and also brings school start/end times to the time recommended by expert groups such as the American Association of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association. The digital issue of Community Connections can be reached here: School start and end times are on page 3, and September bus routes are on pages 20-23. Bus routes will be adjusted on October 1st as new enrollments are finalized and as Cyr Bus and RSU #34 identify any unanticipated changes in traffic patterns. Please carefully check your school start and end times, and September bus routes! Thank you in advance for your patience and support as many in the community adjust to the new times and routes. Please don’t hesitate to contact school and district staff with any questions as we roll out the changes and iron out the wrinkles. Contact info can be found at
about 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
Back to School EXPO
about 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
Expo Event
The awards assembly at Alton Elementary School begins at 10:30 tomorrow morning and dismissal for the summer break is at 11:30. (Lunch will not be served before dismissal.)
about 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
AES is having a calendar raffle fundraiser to raise money for a playground equipment upgrade. All of the students are selling these for $10 each or call the school if you would like to purchase one. 394-2331
over 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
Calendar fundraiser form for daily raffles in June.
Second grade also experiments with sound waves
over 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
Brayden tries out his "phone"
Carsen too is on the "phone"
Collin creates sound waves
Nicky is receiving his friends' sound waves!
Second grade experiments with light waves.
over 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
Brayden and Mason work on their suncatchers
Claire and Nevaeh search for natural wonders with which to embellish their suncatchers
Carsen and Collin return on hte nature trail from looking for additions to their suncatchers
Second grade suncatchers
Alton Elementary Second Grade students take a well-deserved afternoon break to take advantage of the last spring snow!!! What better way to deal with spring fever?
over 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
Ira gets a good sled ride
Claire, Neveah and Karlee have a good ride
Nicky and Collin have a great run on hte sled
Wacky Hair is always a fun day during Dr. Seuss' birthday week! Just check out our dos!!
over 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
Ben's wacky hair
Max's crazy hair look
Winter Fun!! During the kindergarten and first grade Outdoor Classroom time, we spent some time building snowmen and other snow creatures.
over 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
First grade snow creation!
Kindergarten snow creature!
One of our science stations was blowing bubbles. We each had our own straw and shared a bucket with a friend. We blew the bubble solution until we made bubble mountains!
over 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
Kaleigh and Rhylie make a bubble mountain!
Brianna and Connor are bubble masters!
James fashioned a bubble wand from a pipe cleaner!
100th day in Kindergarten and First Grade!
over 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
100 kisses - Hershey's that is!
Kaleigh and Max made a tower with 100 cups
Irvin and Ben stack 100 cups!
Rhylie and Connor make a 100 lego creation!
This evening's parent group meeting has had to be postponed due to illnesses for all three of the leaders for the upcoming events. I will get the new meeting date out to you as soon as it is detemined. Watch for a fundraiser to come home with students on Friday!
over 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
AES is planning a calendar raffle. People will buy a copy of the June calendar with a donated item listed on each day. There will be daily drawings for people to win the items. We are in the process now of collecting donations for each of the days in June. If you are in a position to support us, that would be so helpful! There is a copy of the donation request letter in the documents section.
over 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
Mrs. Dykstra came In to read to Ms. Fox's class for the "Read to Me Challenge"!
over 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
Mrs. Dykstra read to third and fourth grade before break!
Mr. Doty read to second grade on the first day of our "Read to Me Challenge"! Have you posted a picture of yourself reading to a child yet? We would like to flood Facebook with pictures of children and adults enjoying books together!!
over 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
Mr. Doty read to second grade for the "Read to Me Challenge"!
Mr. Walker read to kindergarten, first and third grades to kick off the "Read to Me Challenge"!
over 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
Mr. Walker kicked off the "Read to Me Challenge" at Alton Elementary School!
Mrs. Moore, our awesome bus driver, came in to read to the pre-kindergarten class for the "Read to Me Challenge"!
over 3 years ago, Cheryl Leonard
Pre-kindergarten enjoy the book Mrs. Moore reads to them!