To report a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 in the RSU #34 community, please contact your school office. 

Please be sure to do the home screening each and every day!

RSU #34 is not a community testing site for COVID-19. DO NOT get on the bus or come to school if you have symptoms. DO contact the school by phone or email for guidance.

RSU #34 and its schools are actively responding to our global challenge, in partnership with and in coordination with other state and local entities.  For the latest information about actions to keep safe and SLOW THE SPREAD, please visit the CDC:


*Maine Statewide Crisis Hotline 1-888-568-1112 and the Crisis Text Line (everywhere) is - text HELP or HELLO to 741741
*NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Maine helpline 1-800-464-5767 or
*Partners for Peace (for people experiencing domestic violence) 800-863-9909 and*National Suicide Prevention Hotline 800-273-8255 or text HELLO to 741741
*SAMHSA National Helpline for substance use: 1-800-662-4357
* you can get contact info for AA near you
* Narcotics Anonymous
*Bangor Area Recovery Network (BARN)*New Horizons Detox Center 207-941-1612
*Trans Lifeline 866-488-7386 or or text START to 678678


RSU #34 Educators are working hard to meet students' physical, academic, social, and emotional needs.  We're taking a layered approach of precautions to help us avoid exposures/infections, and to minimize quarantines. Please help us keep our students in school, learning five days a week!

Thank you very much for your support and patience as our community navigates the pandemic together.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to school or district staff at any time. 

March 9th, 2022: RSU #34 has released new COVID protocols. Please read them in full here:

Summary: RSU #34 shares the following adjustments to our COVID protocols, in light of the state of Maine’s shift in indoor masking recommendations, and the subsequent RSU #34 School Board vote to make masking optional in our schools.  We still must follow the state’s Standard Operating Procedure, which can be found here:  

Summary of key points (details at )

  • Please continue to keep kids home when they’re sick (see details here: link)

  • Where feasible, RSU #34 will provide basic notification when we learn of a positive COVID case, typically through bulk email notification of the impacted class/bus/team

    • RSU #34 has discontinued its 24-7-365 “COVID Hotline” - if you learn of a positive case please contact the school office

  • RSU #34 continues to require a screening & test process for those seeking to return early from 10-day isolation or quarantine

    • Those who test positive but meet certain criteria, including reliable mask wearing, may request an early return to school (process described further below)

    • Those who have exposure but meet certain criteria, including reliable mask wearing, may request an early return to school (process described further below)

  • Continuous exposure to positive household members continues to require additional precautions

  • In almost every situation, masking is now optional on school buses and in RSU #34 schools

    • Exception:  CDC still states that those returning early from a 10-day quarantine or isolation must mask until the completion of Day 10.

    • Staff and students will respect those who choose to continue wearing a mask

    • With this shift to optional masking in our schools, a quarantine exception in the state’s SOP that kept many students in school is no longer available.  All are encouraged to seek vaccination and/or to participate in our weekly pooled testing; these would provide quarantine exceptions. 

We are excited about these steps toward “normal.”  Please join us in remembering that members of our school community have a variety of risk factors in their lives and in the lives of those they care about.  Please remember steps that feel liberating to some may feel frightening to others.  COVID-19 remains a serious disease; we will remain vigilant about further threats to in-person learning and consider adjustments as necessary.

Information, Approach

Most of the State of Maine guidance can be found here:
Maine's Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a key document at that site, which outlines requirements for schools.


RSU #34 uses the dates from COVID-19 tests as the starting date when determining isolation. We prefer lab-based tests (PCR or antigen), but will accept home-based tests when we are provided a clear, named, and dated picture. Home-based tests do not count in some ways as official with some of the state processes, so please understand without lab-based tests there may be some bumps in the road.
You can receive a lab-based test at one of the sites listed here:

Vaccination makes contracting COVID much less likely, with typically more mild symptoms, and makes the chance of severe illness or hospitalization extremely rare. It is still possible for vaccinated individuals to contract COVID and transmit COVID to others. RSU #34 strongly recommends that all eligible members of our community become fully vaccinated, and receive the booster dose when elibigle. With questions about vaccination, we encourage talking with your school nurse or primary care provider.

Beyond the requirements of Maine's SOP:
*RSU #34 strongly recommends that even fully vaccinated students who have unusually long exposure to a positive person quarantine until 10 days after the positive person's positive test. An example of this would be a fully vaccinated student who has a household member that tests positive for COVID-19. Staff members, please contact your school nurse for guidance.

Requirements for vaccinated individuals who develop symptoms or test positive for COVID are described in the SOP; please stay home from school and contact the school for guidance.

Other details can be found on the RSU #34 Fall 2021 Plan for Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services:

Pooled Testing

RSU #34 conducts optional pooled testing, which will help detect cases of COVID-19 early, and will help many students avoid quarantines. If you'd like to sign your child up to participate in pooled testing, please contact your school office for more information.

We piloted pooled testing with five classrooms the week of Sept. 13th; it could not have gone more smoothly! We are now up to full capacity in all schools.

Case Counts

Case counts at schools across Maine can be found here: