Our goal is to develop and maintain a program that is:

  • sustainable: most development efforts should result in long-term successes which do not rely on a single staff person.
  • effective: programming should consistently and appropriately challenge and support students.
  • comprehensive: programming should challenge and support students academically, socially, and emotionally, as research shows "G/T" students have different needs than their peers in each of these areas.
  • non-elitist: some "G/T" programs nationally are plagued by competition to be labeled with the title gifted, or to access exclusive programming. Our program is focused on student needs and open access, rather than on labels. Programming will be developed to meet the needs of identified students, but may be accessed by many other students. The program should be effective but essentially invisible to students and visitors; "G/T" programming is one of the many adjustments our professional educators make in and out of classes to meet the needs of our diverse students. Pullout groups may be a part of appropriate programming, but making more options available in the normal classroom experience will be a focus.
  • sensible: as we continually develop and enhance programming, we will choose options that focus first on enrichment and increased breadth of knowledge, and use vertical acceleration as necessary for students who exhaust reasonable enrichment options. Through this philosophy, we will provide appropriate education to high-ability students while maximizing interaction with age peers.