The activities of the RSU #34 Education Foundation come entirely from donations! In 2019 we successfully launched an endowment to maximize the long-term impacts of the Foundation in addition to shorter-term projects.  We have several sub-funds in the endowment to honor donors wishes. 

To donate to our 501(c)(3) Foundation, please send checks to RSU #34 Education Foundation, 156 Oak Street, Old Town, ME 04468.

Or, you can support the Foundation through PayPal:

(1) Education Foundation Board of Directors
(2) Victory Field Complex
(3) OTHS Athletic Hall of Fame - Class of 2017.  From left: Matt Arsenault, Denise Treadwell Smith, Hilary Maxim, Katie Bergeron, Sean Vereault (representing Moira Vereault).
(4) OTHS Achievement Hall of Fame - Class of 2018. From left: