O'Connell Lifetime Achievement Award

Leonard Middle School and RSU #34 were thrilled today to be part of a surprise presentation to our School Counselor, Mrs. O'Connell.  The Maine School Counseling Association chair, Kelly O. Weaver, surprised Mrs. O'Connell with the first-ever presentation of the association's Lifetime Achievement Award.   The awards presentation included virtual visits from former colleagues and interns.  Following the awards, students throughout the school greeted their school counselor with lots of applause and elbow bumps.  

We're very proud of, and appreciative of, Mrs. O'Connell's service to our students and community!  

Press Release:

Old Town, Maine: The Maine School Counselor Association (MESCA) is pleased to announce Tracey O’Connell  from Leonard Middle School has been selected with the Lifetime Achievement Award 2021.  She was selected based on several criteria, including: a positive iImpact on Maine students, a positive impact on the profession of school counseling and demonstrating leadership, advocacy and professionalism.

Tracey O’Connell is an unfailing champion of all students, and works unceasingly to make school a safe and nurturing place for everyone.  She embodies the soul of Leonard Middle School and our community; she is constantly striving to elevate all of our students and staff and does so in a way that is safe, supportive and always student-centered. 


Please contact MESCA Chair Angela Avery for more information



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