Renee and John St. Peter

Congratulations to Mrs. Renee St. Peter, Chapter 104 (Gifted & Talented) Specialist at Old Town Elementary School!  In a surprise phone call today, the Maine Educators of the Gifted & Talented let Mrs. St. Peter know that she is the 2021 Maine Outstanding Educator.  We are very proud and appreciative of her! 

Here are a few excerpts from the nomination letters:

"Renee St. Peter is quietly amazing. She has played an incredible role in founding, developing, and teaching in a thriving program, providing both direct and indirect service to our students. She gives incredible time and energy in her work with students that spans content areas, the arts, indoors and outdoors, and a huge variety of complex learning profiles. She addresses their academic, social, and emotional needs, and builds colleagues’ and families’ capacity to do so. I cannot convey enough how much I appreciate Renee’s work. She is one of the most exemplary educators I have ever met and it is an honor to nominate her."

"When I think of all the educators I have worked with over the years and their commitment to their students, Renee St. Peter stands out among the best.  She has not only developed our Gifted and Talented program from the onset at Old Town Elementary, but each year Renee has layered the program with more and more experiences and expanded the program to serve a more diverse learning population."

"Renee possesses an innate ability to engage students in their learning. Her ability to get to
know each student’s individual learning style and create a connection with them is an essential
part of why her teaching is so successful. I don’t think my daughters realize how much they
were pushed in the subjects that were taught by Renee as part of the gifted and talented
program and that is because Renee made learning effortless for them."

“Renee has a wealth of information that she is ready to share with colleagues at every turn.
When looking for guidance, or going to Renee for assistance, she goes above and beyond to
collaborate with you and to share her expertise, whatever the topic. Her passion is contagious,
and when collaborating with Renee you can’t help but get swept up in it as well! As a new
teacher years ago, I remember asking Renee for guidance in teaching a unit brand new to me. I
was so supported, and I learned so much! Not only did she help me to teach the unit, she also
took the time to teach ME. Her generosity with her time and her enthusiasm to collaborate is

“For over 20 years I have worked beside Renee St. Peter as a grade level team member and as
colleagues in the field of gifted education. Her passion for lifelong learning and teaching is
infectious for both students and adults. Renee always has an optimistic attitude and holds her
students to high, yet attainable expectations. The plethora of instructional strategies that she
possesses allows her to make instructional adjustments as she facilitates the learning of a
diverse group of students. Renee is compassionate and has a great sense of humor. She has a
phenomenal way of making students feel welcome, accepted, and respected.”

We look forward to celebrating with Renee at a formal presentation of the award at a statewide fall conference.