RSU 34 and the OTO-YMCA partner on the River Runners program, one of the "beacons of hope" identified in this statewide Op-Ed that are proactively creating opportunities for youth. Making multiple positive niches for every child/youth is an important part of their development - some of those happen in school, and some out of school. River Runners is part of the Aspirations Incubator Program, of the Rural Futures Fund.
1 day ago, Dr. Jon Doty
Some of the services RSU 34 provides are funded federally, such as those provided under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and those funded via ESSER / ARP (covid-relief funds, which conclude Sept. 2024). Planning for the use of federal funds is underway in parallel with the RSU 34 planning and budgeting process for 2024-2025. For more information about how to provide input or be involved in the process, please contact Dr. Jon Doty (
10 days ago, Dr. Jon Doty
The RSU #34 School Board will hold their monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 14, 2024 in the LMS Cafeteria beginning at 6:30p.m.
11 days ago, Matthew Cyr
Pictured: the wild Saturday nightlife of a school district Facilities Director. Thanks, Mr. Fournier, for fixing the leaking roof drain discovered at Saturday's OTES event!
12 days ago, Dr. Jon Doty
Facilities Director
Saturday was a busy day for RSU #34's robotics teams! On one side of the river, the LMS robotics team competed in the FIRST Lego League Maine State competition. The team was excited that in their very first round they exceeded the best score they had all year the prior year. They competed several more times that day, building on that success and growth. Meanwhile, across the river the OTHS robotics teams competed in the VEX "February Finale", the last meet of the regular season. Three of the four OTHS teams had already qualified for the state championships going into that meet, and one of the four OTHS teams had already qualified for the CREATE U.S. Open Robotics Tournament. In RSU #34, we undertook an initiative a decade ago, spearheaded by one of our community members and volunteer coaches, to integrate robotics and coding into the school day. Beginning with Bee Bots at our elementary schools, through WeDo, Spike Prime, NXT, Sphero, coding, app design, 3D design and printing, laser cutting and engraving - RSU #34 students have lots of opportunities to develop computational thinking and cutting-edge skills! Along the same lines, we learned Friday that the OTHS JROTC Cyber Security team, league champions, is invited to compete in the 2nd JROTC Brigade competition in March. Congratulations, Cadets!
19 days ago, Dr. Jon Doty
LMS Robotics
OTHS Robotics
RSU 34 Schools will be closed tomorrow: Wednesday, January 10, 2024. We hope everyone remains safe during the storm.
about 2 months ago, Matthew Cyr
Our 4th grade's "Box of Maine" program was featured in a statewide press release today - thanks to Mr. Rand and the 4th Grade Team, the PTC, and the Box of Maine Company for making this happen!
2 months ago, Dr. Jon Doty
Good morning RSU #34! We’re pleased to continue sharing staff profiles of our RSU #34 team. This month we visited with Ann Richard, Kitchen Manager at Old Town High School. After several days of disruption in our community due to the big storm, students and staff are excited about the breakfast and lunch Ann and team are preparing today! Ann was interviewed by our Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Jon Doty. When you were a kid what did you think you wanted to be when you grew up? I always wanted to be a graphic artist. I didn’t know what it was, but I liked art! In high school I also wanted to design clothes. What was your favorite book as a kid? Favorite book / author now? There was a book series about nurses that I really liked. Now, I like mysteries. The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell is a favorite. What was your favorite show or movie as a kid? The Brady Bunch and The Munsters! What led to your career - you’ve worked with us for more than 30 years! Before I had kids I worked as a payroll clerk at the shoe shop. I chose to stay at home with the kids, and then I started to work at the schools so I could match up with their schedules, snow days, and vacations. I started with the schools as a substitute, and now I’m Kitchen Manager. I also coached middle school field hockey for a while with Deb Ziobron (rest in peace). What do you like about working in RSU #34? I’ve always liked cooking, and I really love the kids. I initially wasn’t excited about working with high school aged kids, but I love it. They’re mature, and I like talking to them…if they initially don’t want to talk, I consider it my challenge to get them to talk. What do you like about our community? This area is nice, safe, and friendly. There’s a great atmosphere and sense of community, with fun things to do in town. What’s something most people don’t know about you? My 2nd grade report card said “Ann tends to be a little bossy.” Also, I’m addicted to Dateline. That fits with reading mysteries! How do you recharge your batteries? I like being home with peace and quiet, reading a good book. Who was your favorite teacher? Miss Pliska - she read to us a lot in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. If you could time travel, where is the first time/place you would go? I’d spend time with my parents again. My dad is the person I look up to most in life. If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Pepperoni and onion pizza. If you could appear on any game show, what would it be? Wheel of Fortune Favorite treat? Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Cups Would you rather come face-to-face with a polar bear in the arctic, or a snake in the desert? Polar bear. No question. Thanks, Ann, for your hard work for our schools! RSU #34 Community, if you’d like to suggest someone for a future staff profile please use this form:
2 months ago, Dr. Jon Doty
Ann Richard at OTHS Coffee Bar
All RSU 34 schools will open tomorrow on schedule (12/21/23). Power has been restored at OTES & LMS. Alton is still running on backup generator, but it is a full-school generator. OTHS and Bradley have power. Phone systems in the district are back online. All major roads have been reopened. Cyr Bus is confident they can safely reroute all bus runs around any remaining road closures. For this reason, they ask that bus students be ready a little earlier than usual, and hang tight if the bus seems to be running a little late. Under these circumstances, parents may also elect to drop-off and pick-up their students. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and overwhelming support!
2 months ago, Matthew Cyr
The RSU 34 School Board meeting scheduled for this evening is cancelled. Our next scheduled School Board meeting is January 17, 2024--6:30pm in the LMS cafeteria.
2 months ago, Matthew Cyr
RSU 34 Schools will be closed today, 12/20/23. We are still w/out power and heat at OTES, and do not have working phones in 4/5 schools. There has been some progress on road work, but several road closures remain. The Old Town Elks will be opening as a warming shelter at 6:00a.m. this morning. We are working with the DOE on a contingency plan for the remainder of the week if conditions do not change. Be safe.
2 months ago, Matthew Cyr
RSU34 Schools will be closed today 12/19/23. Power outages are widespread. Multiple road closures in and around Old Town. Trees in roadways. Flooding in small streams. Uncertain if we can staff our buildings. Please be safe everyone. We will remain hopeful that crews can safely get us going by tomorrow.
2 months ago, Matthew Cyr
NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS INVITATION FOR BIDS RSU 34 is conducting a competitive bid process for a Roof Replacement Project of the Leonard Middle School classroom wing in Old Town, Maine. A mandatory on-site pre-bid conference will be held for this project at 1:00 pm on December 11, 2023. Bids will be opened and read aloud by the Superintendent of RSU 34 at 12:00 p.m. (noon) on December 28, 2023 (Leonard Middle School and Superintendent Office are both located at 156 Oak Street, Old Town, ME). The detailed Notice to Contractors is listed on the school districts website: or, directly here:
3 months ago, Matthew Cyr
RSU 34 schools are closed today, Monday, December 4, 2023.
3 months ago, Matthew Cyr
RSU 34 November, 2023 Student Spotlight Tegbaru C. 11th Grade at Old Town High School Old Town High School 11th grader, Tegbaru C. (Teg) is the RSU34 November student spotlight. I met up with Teg today during his ‘Coyote Time.’ Teg and I go wayyyy back to his younger years at Old Town Elementary. As we were walking over to the library to sit down and talk he anecdotally shared that he and his mom were just talking about me and some of our interactions from when he was younger–all good stuff of course! 🙂 We led off talking about how his year has been going. Teg shared, “School has been great so far. This is my most chill week this year.” When asked to explain what he meant by that last part, “During the first quarter I had a lot of late nights and early mornings of school work because I was getting used to my new classes. I was tagged a lot at first by my teachers, but not as much anymore.” I knew what he was talking about, but asked for his perspective on how the ‘tag’ system works at OTHS. “We have what’s called Coyote Time in the middle of the day. It’s kind of like office hours for students and teachers. We have a designated room to be in during this time, but teachers can ‘tag’ us if they feel we need to see them, or we can request to be tagged by a teacher if we want to go and get some extra help. It’s kind of like an extra study hall, but way better because we can access our teachers. You really aren’t supposed to skip or miss any of your tags. I think you get detention, but I’m not sure because I haven’t really missed any.” I appreciated hearing Teg’s perspective on ‘Coyote Time’ and how it helps our students learn and grow. Changing the subject, we talked about sports. Teg loves to play soccer and noted that he enjoyed this past season. “It was great to have both returning players as well as a bunch of new players. We had a good season and got to be a part of the sendoff of the longtime soccer coach.” I asked Teg what his plans were for winter and spring sports and he shared that he does Blackbear Crossfit training and will be on the tennis team. “For my senior year I think I’m going to focus more on clubs like Key Club, Student Council, and Yearbook.” As we were wrapping things up, Teg slipped out the statement, “I’m getting inducted into NHS tonight.” This stopped me in my tracks because the National Honor Society is a BIG deal. We fist bumped and I told him how proud I was of him for earning this honor knowing it came with a lot of hard work and dedication. Teg responded with his infectious smile….if you know Teg, you know the smile I’m talking about! In addition to what I have shared here, we discussed other things he likes to do outside of school such as riding his scooter, and things he recommended I should change to make our schools better. It quickly reminded me of the big-hearted kid I knew long ago. Thank you for your time, today Teg. I hope the rest of your junior year is fantastic! We are proud of you—keep smiling! 🙂
3 months ago, Matthew Cyr
RFP School Road Sign/Electronic Message Center (EMC) issued November 29, 2023 Regional School Unit #34 (Old Town, Alton, Bradley Maine) seeks proposals for the following projects: Project 1. A double-faced (two-sided) sign and electronic message center (EMC) to replace the existing Old Town Elementary Sign located at 576 Stillwater Ave., Old Town, ME. Project 2. A single-side sign to be installed on the corner of the Leonard Middle School office wing located at 156 Oak Street, Old Town, ME. Both signs must comply with City of Old Town ordinance. It is preferred that we receive multiple pricing options for varying style and quality in electronic message centers. Both signs will include the RSU logo and name of the respective school. Both signs will include a lifetime data plan for connectivity, and a cloud-based software/management system. These projects are funded with federal grants, so all applicable federal assurances must be followed, including Davis Bacon. If available, reference contacts are preferred. Please submit proposals no later than noon, December 28, 2023 to: Superintendent Matthew Cyr, 156 Oak Street Old Town, ME 04468
3 months ago, Matthew Cyr
Giving Tuesday–November 28th: RSU 34 would love to participate in Giving Tuesday, November 28th this year. As you know, we have a 501(c)3 called the RSU 34 Education Foundation. This organization is a way for our students and staff to benefit from the contributions of our community. Since the development of the Education Foundation in 2012, the organization has funded many outstanding projects. The goal of the RSU 34 Education Foundation is simple: support our children in every possible way in order to have a successful future. If you’d like to participate in Giving Tuesday, November 28, please use the RSU 34 Education Foundation Venmo account to make a contribution. We ask that you designate and/or indicate in your donation memo, where you’d like your funds to go. All donations are appreciated, and are tax deductible. Thank you for your support! Scan the Venmo QR code in this post, or use the following Venmo account: @RSU34_Education_Foundation RSU 34 Education Foundation Programs/Committees to make a donation: RSU 34 Children’s Fund RSU 34 Visual and Performing Arts Fund RSU 34 Alumni Fund RSU 34 Memorial Garden at OTHS RSU 34 Inclusive Outdoor Learning Space at OTES RSU 34 Coyote Pride
3 months ago, Matthew Cyr
Giving Tuesday
The RSU #34 School Board will hold their monthly meeting on Wednesday, November 15, 2023 in the LMS Cafeteria beginning at 6:30p.m.
3 months ago, Matthew Cyr
I’d like to introduce you to Hayden R., a wonderful 8th grade student at Leonard Middle School. I met up with Hayden immediately following a 6th grade band rehearsal. That wasn’t a typo….Hayden shared with me that she LOVES Wednesdays because she gets to be a mentor in the 6th grade band AND has chorus! Hayden went on to say she is also in the concert band and symphonic band. “Music is my thing,” Hayden said with a great big smile. Hayden came to RSU 34 in the 6th grade after spending time in Alaska, New York and southern Maine. “My teachers here are really nice, and so are the kids. I have a lot of friends. I really like the fact that we have recess here because not many middle schools have recess.” During our discussion, Hayden shared that she was in the southern part of Maine during the COVID outbreak and spent her entire 5th grade year remote. “I only met the teachers in-person once that year. It was when we went to take our school pictures. I learned to play the flute while being fully remote. Coming to LMS in the 6th grade and playing my instrument was very different, but in a good way! I was glad to finally get to hear the other kids play without zoom glitches. Music is probably my favorite part of LMS, but I also like ELA because I feel engaged.” I steered our conversation to the future. Hayden shared, “I don’t want to go to high school. I’m very nervous about it because it will be a huge change from middle school. I will probably be ready by the end of the school year, but not right now.” We finished up talking about things she likes to do outside of school. “I like hanging out with my mom and my friends. I also downloaded an app where I can create my own music pieces.” Here are some fun facts about Hayden: Favorite Sport: I don’t like sports. I love music! Favorite Teacher: Ms. Henry or Ms. Beckwith Favorite School Lunch: Garlic knots (I have to say….I’ve tried them and agree with Hayden, they are delicious!) Favorite Book: “Hide” by Kierston White Dream Car: I don’t know!?! (while smiling and laughing) As with all of my student interviews, I like to hear their favorite quote or saying. Sometimes this is a challenging question without any context. I helped Hayden by connecting it to one of her passions–music: I asked Hayden, “How do you encourage your 6th grade band students?” Hayden quickly responded, “It’s ok if you don’t get it right the first time. Nobody is perfect and it takes practice to get good at doing stuff.” What an amazing kid! We are proud of you Hayden! Thank you for sharing a few minutes of your busy day! I look forward to hearing your winter concert(s)! -Matt Cyr, RSU 34 Superintendent
4 months ago, Matthew Cyr
RSU 34 District-Wide Spirit Day: Please wear pink on Friday, October 27 in support of Breast Cancer Awareness! If you'd like to make a donation on this day, RSU 34 will donate all collected funds to the Lafayette Center in Brewer to support individuals going through cancer treatment. Last month's district-wide spirit day established a $350 scholarship that will go to a graduating Old Town High School senior entering the field of education.
4 months ago, Matthew Cyr