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March 19, 2020


Dear Parents/Guardians:


As we move into these uncharted waters of at-home learning, this letter is an effort to provide you with an update about where we are in developing a plan for a longer-term period of online learning.  We are trying to be thoughtful. We know that an online learning experience is not going to completely replace instruction that would normally happen in the classroom.

Please keep in mind the most important education we can do in the near term is SLOW THE SPREAD.  Social distancing, robust handwashing, and other precautions are first and foremost in our thinking so we can slow the spread of COVID-19 and avoid overwhelming our healthcare systems.

Last week, we sent home a relatively basic packet of materials that had several online possibilities for students to explore in the short term.  This week, we have asked teacher leaders in each content area to develop a plan for an increasing level of involvement from students. Every student at Old Town High School has a school-issued laptop and we ask that you keep those in a location that is convenient for your son/daughter to access.  We also ask that you pay attention to emails that may come through about online expectations. These emails may come through to a parent’s email address, but could also come through to your child directly through use of their google email address.

Each student should know how to check email at this location, but if not, here are the directions:


  1. Students who are accessing email via their school-issued Chromebook will click on the icon in their web browser.  Navigate to .

  2. Students who are accessing email through a personal computer should go to

    1. Enter their school email and password.  For example, Jon Smith - a senior whose student ID is 1234 would use: and password 20Js1234

Currently, the plan is that teachers will be delivering instruction/assignments via google classroom or Infinite Campus.   

Students should also log into Infinite Campus using their student credentials.  The format follows all of their current accounts. For example, Jon Smith - a senior whose student ID is 1234 would use:

20jon.smith as their login ID and 22Js1234 as their password.   If your student is unable to access infinite campus, please email Amy Ketch at


If your household does not currently have internet access for whatever reason, we are in the process of opening up the “guest” network at Old Town High School.  You will not need a password. This move will allow you and your student(s) to come and access online learning in that fashion. You can remain in your vehicle and simply park anywhere in the direction of the front of the building.  You could be on the front loop or in the student parking lot. We will let you know when that is fully operational, and guidelines for use.

Earlier in this letter, I indicated that there is no way that an online experience can in any way replace a real-time classroom experience.  It is also going to be challenging, if not impossible for teachers or administrators to dictate and hold students accountable for engaging in an online experience.  Therefore, we are going to need to rely on you, as parents to make certain that your child does engage with their teachers online. We encourage much more than the minimum but know many of our students may be responsible for caring for family members during this civil emergency.  I think a reasonable expectation would be that they set aside at least one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening to work on what teachers have provided. On top of that - READ, READ, READ. Jennifer Stone, our school library/media specialist has provided resources and instructions on the OTHS Library Facebook page.

If students/families are in need of assistance with food, RSU 34 is doing a feeding program at Old Town High School.  The program will be open from 10:00 am to 12-noon on weekdays, here at Old Town High School. Beginning on Monday, March 23rd, we will be running nine school buses all over our RSU to make certain that students are fed during our absence from school.  The buses should arrive between 10:30am and 12:30pm. In each bag, parents will find two meals for each child. If you have questions about how to access this program, please contact RSU 34 Food Service Director, Stephanie Salley at 827-3908. 

This is a trying time for all of us.  As always, feel free to ask questions as I am sure you may have many, but please keep in mind, we do not have all of the answers at this point.  This is really new territory for us, in some ways, we are learning as we go. Our contact information is below, if you do have questions and do want to reach out to one of us.

My intent is to do one of these emails per week until I once again get to see the 500+ reasons I do this job.  Please stay connected to the latest information through our website and Facebook page.

Contact Information

Scott Gordon, Principal x2303

Amy Ketch, Asst. Principal-Academics x2324

Kimberley Ketch, School Counselor x2322

Jami Martell, School Counselor x2264

Jeremy Bousquet, Asst. Principal/Athletics x2305

Take Care,

Scott Gordon


Old Town High School