Coyotes Live Stream

Update Regarding Live Streaming - 

Because youtube has yet to make our OTHS page eligible for live streaming, a problem they are having nationwide due to backups in the system and Covid-19, this has led to Mr. Bousquet to start researching other forms of FREE live streaming systems and we have found a great one - Introducing the Coyote Season Cast live stream network. 

Attached is what you will need for downloading the app - it is completely free and will provide a unique viewing experience with live scoreboard features, game clock, and more - We will stream all JV and Varsity home games/meets/matches for our fans. We will also expand out to OTHS events, academic recognitions, and all things in the Coyote Nation

Specific link to the channel - - watch from a computer or internet connected device - download the Season Cast app for apple or android