From the Athletic Administration Office,

Update Regarding Winter Sports:

 Due to the rise in cases in our local area, the travel related to holidays, and the overall safety and health of our community, staff, and students - OTHS will delay the start of the winter sports season. OTHS will opt to start the winter season on December 21st, 2020. This day will begin try-outs or regular practices for our OTHS athletes. By starting this week, we lessen the chance of exposure to our established learning pods and we can use the Holiday break as a buffer for any exposures/outbreak concerns. 

 Athletes will start the season on Dec. 7th with virtual coaching and guidance from our Winter Coaches. Coaches have athletes contact information through the Winter Sports Sign-Up sheet. If your athlete has not signed up, I would encourage them to do so using the following link -  - Coaches will be reaching out and providing virtual daily, weekly, or bi-weekly workouts or skills/drills for students to participate with. This will all be in preparation for tryouts or practices starting on December 21st. More information will be coming regarding scheduled sports specific practices for the week of the 21st.  

 Students will need to fill out the following paperwork before participating - Form A - Permission to Participation - Form C - Health History Form (this can be used to update health needs or count as a temporary physical form) - MPA has waved the individual physical need for the season, but OTHS still promotes that all athletes attempt to get a sports physical for the 4 years in high school. - All forms are located at the main office of OTHS or online at - 

 This timeline for sports operation is based on Penobscot County operating in the Green designation, which is assigned by the Governor's Office. If Penobscot County is classified as Yellow, in-person practices would halt and we would return to virtual sessions for all extra-curricular activities until we move back to a Green designation. Also new for this season, all athletes will be required to participate in masks during this athletic season, please start researching what masks work best for your athlete as they are going to need to have multiple options in order to participate this season. More information will be provided during individual sports meetings. 

 We thank you for the support and understanding. As always keep in mind the bigger picture, we will have a season, we will have sports, and we will be successful when we work together. 


 Jeremy Bousquet

Assistant Principal/Director of Athletics for OTHS

(207) 827-3910 (w)