Weekly Update

OTHS Parent/Student Email Update

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Good Morning!

We hope this email finds you healthy and surviving after the holidays.


Morning Drop-off

First, thanks so much for adhering to our request for dropping off students (as much as possible) in the 815-830 window.  We greatly appreciate your efforts.  For the remainder of the school year, it is perfectly fine to simply drop your student off at the front entrance of the building.  We will return to the rear drop-offs - post-COVID, but for now it is easier for you and for us to simply drop at the front door.  Our only word of caution is to watch for any buses that may be in the loop.  Let them go first, and keep a close eye on their red loading/unloading lights.  It is against the law to pass a bus with those lights on.  Afternoon pick-up will remain behind the building.

Thanks so much for your cooperation!

Positive Cases

At this time, we do have a handful of Old Town High School students who tested positive for COVID-19 over the holiday break.  While this is not surprising coming off the break, it is concerning and will cause us to constantly evaluate how we operate our school day-to-day in the safest manner possible.  Fortunately, school was not in session so the contact tracing from within our building that needed to be done was relatively minor.  

While I remain hopeful that things will subside, if we do have a student in the building that tests positive, we will reach out to teachers and the parents of students who may have come in contact with the positive person as soon as we confirm the positive case.  If you do not receive a phone call, you would have no reason to be concerned.

The increase in cases also reinforces the importance of screening at home and screening when students enter the building in the morning.  We will continue to be as vigilant as we possibly can in order to keep our school community safe for all.  Thank you for your on-going support.

We know that there is a perceived negative stigma to a positive COVID test, however there should not be, it could happen to any one of us if we are in the wrong place at the wrong time and are not exercising caution.  We also know that in times like this, the rumor mill runs wild.  Please make sure that you have verified your information and don’t rely on social media to have the most up-to-date and most accurate information.  If you believe that you have information that would help us in our quest to keep students safe and remain open, please reach out to our amazing school nurse, Jana Caron.  She can be reached at 827-3910 ext. 2323 or by email at: jana.caron@rsu34.org.

Day Types

As we look towards the start of the spring semester, our Monday/Tuesday groups are heavier than our Thursday/Friday groups.  If there are families who are willing to switch, please reach out to Amy Ketch at amy.ketch@rsu34.org .  We appreciate your consideration.

PSAT Results/Books

PSAT results for all those who took the exam are available for students and parents in the Infinite Campus Portal and online through the college board’s website. (students were emailed in December with instructions) Students who would like the hard copy of their test book should stop by the guidance office by the end of January.  Any student who did not take the PSAT but would like to have a copy of the book is welcome to pick one up as well.  Books will be recycled after January 31.  

OTHS Yearbook

Important Dates & Information

Order by December 31st - $60.00

January 1st to May 14th - $75.00

Books cannot be purchased after this date

January 29th - Last chance to personalize

February 11th - Senior Ads due



Please contact Mrs. Turner if you have any questions christina.turner@rsu34.org

Winter Sports

Jan. 4th Starts the beginning of Winter Sports – full team practices, tryouts, and the beginning of competitive prep for a sports season. 


  • Masks, social distancing, personal water bottles, and coming prepared to play are all requirements of the season.

  • Athletes are to report to the athletic complexes at the start time for practices, we will not be housing or holding student-athletes in spaces this season.

  • Sports season paperwork is required for student-athletes on the first day of practices. If you are trying out for a team, paperwork will be required if you make the team – Sports Season Paperwork can be found on the OTHS website or at the front office at OTHS.

  • Schedules for sports practices have been communicated to the athletes. 

  • Competitive play will tentatively start on Jan. 18th - Competitive Play Schedules are available on our website at https://www.rsu34.org/o/oths/browse/41940 

Men’s Basketball Update: Due to exposure on the boy's basketball team, tryouts for this program have been pushed to January 12th. More information on times and tryout structure will be communicated. 

Streaming Services: OTHS Athletics has partnered with NFHS this sports season to Livestream all events in Mackenzie Gymnasium. Check out our school page on the NFHS Network - https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/schools/old-town-high-school-old-town-me, this is a paid subscription service that includes the ability to watch the Coyotes on the road at other school programs. Athletics that are located at different athletic venues will be broadcast on the Coyote Sports Network on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/c/CoyoteSportsEventsProgramingNetwork  

Seniors - Financial Aid

If you need help completing your FAFSA, please email Sue St.Louis at sue.stlouis@rsu34.org.  She will schedule you an appointment with Meredith Lee, our FAFSA specialist.  It is important that you file your FAFSA as soon as possible to make sure that you meet college deadlines.  

Remote for a Day

If your student needs to be home because they have symptoms, but are still feeling well enough to attend remotely - please call the Main Office to approve the change to ‘remote for a day.’  Again, it is NOT enough for the student to call in and tell the Main Office and it is NOT enough for your student to simply tell the teachers.  Those will not be approved and will result in your student being marked absent.

Spring Semester Classes 

All students will pick up new classes in January with the start of the Spring Semester on January 25.  We are hoping to offer Band and Jazz - but might need to make changes in students' days to make the process a little smoother.  Also, students who are all virtual will need to make some changes as there are a couple of classes that we can not accommodate virtual students - PE and Ceramics.  We need to balance out some sections - so you may see some moves in classes on schedules.  We are working to keep the same classes but maintain the balance as well.  

Also - please note - Due to the nature of the class Painting will be changing to Artology.  Description below.  All students signed up for Painting will be automatically enrolled.  All virtual students signed up for ceramics will also be automatically enrolled.  

Artology (Previously called Painting Class): is designed to provide a foundation of art knowledge. The emphasis is placed on understanding the Elements of Art and Principles of Design as a basis for art-making. Students will explore a variety of artists, art processes, and materials such as drawing, mixed media, two & three-dimensional design, as well as exploring new digital art connections in this virtual learning world. Student artwork will reflect the aesthetics & cultural and historical contexts. Willingness to get involved in the creative process is a more important requirement than the student’s talent or previous experience.


Student Email 

All students should be checking their email several times a day.  Please help remind your student to develop this habit. 

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Would you like to be able to pay closer attention to your student’s grades and attendance?  Have you signed up for an Infinite Campus portal account?

Contact Sue St. Louis in the OT Guidance Office at 827-3910 x 2114

She can help you!

Just a heads up for parents - every student already has an account and access to their grades. 

Beginning of the Day - School Announcements

We are still looking for students who might be interested in reading morning announcements over the intercom to our school.  No experience or expertise required - Mr. Lindsey will train you.  

RSU 34 app

Do you have the RSU 34 app?  If not, why not?

Stay up to date on all of the current happenings.  

Download the app with the green coyote on the Apple iTunes store or for Android devices - on Google play store.

Northern Lights Screening link:

https://covid.northernlighthealth.org/covidcheck or got to  https://tinyurl.com/OTscreen

As always, thank you for your support.

If you have questions/concerns, do not hesitate to reach out by phone or email.

Have a Wonderful Week! 

Scott Gordon



827-3910 x. 2303