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OTHS Parent/Student Email Update

Monday, May 10, 2021

Good Morning!


Junior Assessments Information

Juniors will be taking the NWEA on May 12 and the Science Exam on May 19.  The two administrations are described in more detail below. We are asking all juniors to do their best on the exams, but not to stress about them.  These are a measure of how well we have taught them and what they have learned.  Both of the exams are computer-based, so students will need to bring their chrome books and chargers with them. 


May 12, 2021 – NWEA

Students will take the 3 NWEA tests for Reading, Written Language, and Math.  These tests are not timed, and students can leave when they are finished.  Students will report to the upstairs science wing anytime between 8:30 and 1:00.  Testing should last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.  Students who need to take a bus to school will report to the café when testing is completed. 


May 19, 2021 – Science Exam

The science exam is 3, one-hour exams, plus breaks in between.  The exam is paced by the room, so students can not move on until time expires.  We will start at 8:30 and end by noon.  Students will be dismissed after testing.   Students who need to take a bus to school will report to the café when testing is completed. 


May 26 – Make Up Day

For any students who missed one of the two exams, we will have an opportunity to do a make-up session.  Please reach out to Amy Ketch to make arrangements.  827-3910 x2324 or amy.ketch@rsu34.org .


June 11

For students who attend both sessions, you will be excused from school on Friday, June 11.  Either Remote or In Person.

Mobile Vaccination Clinic Opportunity for Student aged 16 & up

             We are seizing the opportunity to work with Penobscot Community Health Care for a mobile unit to come to Old Town High School on Tuesday, May 11th.   The mobile unit will provide the Pfizer vaccine to anyone 16 and up with parent consent signed in advance.  The date for the 2nd administration of the vaccine is TBD but will be scheduled for next Tuesday. 

             Our school nurse, Jana Caron is going to be setting up the mobile clinic in the shop classroom at OTHS.  If your student is here in the building, they can go to the shop classroom shortly before their appointment time.   If it is a virtual day, families should drive around the school to the back of the building (circle drive behind the gym) and head in through the shop classroom exterior door.

             Once Nurse Jana has the signed parent consent, she will set up the time with you and your student.  We have the mobile unit for only a short time, so there is not a lot of flexibility.  We are hoping this is convenient for many families.

             The benefits of getting vaccinated are many.  Fully vaccinated students will not have to quarantine if identified as a close contact.  We have seen quarantine disrupt student’s ability to start a job, finish driver's ed, and finish sports seasons.  We have also seen quarantine affect academics and grades for some students who perform better in person.  While we are still not sure what next year holds for quarantine requirements, for now fully vaccinated individuals can continue without disruption, and we’d like to make that happen for as many students as possible.

             Clinical oversight will be provided by PCHC.  Students may return to class after their vaccination and they can see Nurse Jana for questions, concerns, or early immune responses.

             Questions can be sent directly emailed to Jana Caron at jana.caron@rsu34.org.  

The consent for vaccination link is attached to this email and we will be in touch regarding scheduling times after we receive it. 

Dress Code

As the weather gets warmer, I thought we’d take a few minutes to remind parents and students what our dress code is.

*Clothing in such a manner as to reveal underwear or the bare skin from the upper chest to the mid-thigh is not permitted.  (examples include  - one shoulder shirts, low-cut tops, halter or midriff tops, see-through clothing, very short skirts, very short shorts, tank tops, or muscle shirts.


Need Transportation?  Please contact Scott Gordon at 827-3910 x2303 or scott.gordon@rsu34.org


*If you have not turned in a copy of your acceptance letter and scholarship awards, please get those to Mrs. St.Louis as soon as possible.  Our scholarship committee has started to meet, and we only award scholarships to students who have shown proof of acceptance.  

*If you have not completed the request for tickets for graduation, please do so as soon as possible. https://tinyurl.com/OT2021Grad 

*Our graduation plan remains the same, at this point.  We are still slated to return to Mackenzie Gymnasium on Friday, June 11th for a 7pm start.  We will share more details later this week - in a mailing to all senior parents/guardians.  


Tickets for Prom will be available starting on Monday, May 10 during lunches.  Students can go to the lobby during this time to purchase their tickets.  Tickets will be on sale until May 28th.  Tickets are $25 each or $50 for a couple.  

Food Service Help


Important Dates & Information

Yearbooks purchased between now to May 14th cost -  $75.00

Books cannot be purchased after this date

Please contact Mrs. Turner if you have any questions christina.turner@rsu34.org  

Remote for a Day

If your student needs to be home because they have symptoms, but are still feeling well enough to attend remotely - please call the Main Office to approve the change to ‘remote for a day.’  Again, it is NOT enough for the student to call in and tell the Main Office and it is NOT enough for your student to simply tell the teachers.  Those will not be approved and will result in your student being marked absent.

Student Email 

All students should be checking their email several times a day.  Please help remind your student to develop this habit. 


For the most up to date information, subscribe/like/follow our OTHS social media pages or visit our OTHS Website at: https://www.rsu34.org/o/oths/browse/41940 

As always, thank you for your support.

If you have questions/concerns, do not hesitate to reach out by phone or email.

Have a Wonderful Week! 

Scott Gordon



827-3910 x. 2303