Office of the Principal

Good Morning Parents/Community and Students -

The statement below is what I read to students at the beginning of the day today. I hope this helps alleviate any concerns that you may have about sending your student to school.

We did have a police presence this morning, to help students feel more comfortable on their first day back to us. The investigation will be ongoing. Please encourage anyone with information to come forward.

Good Morning Old Town High School – This is Mr. Gordon

 On Wednesday afternoon, we discovered a statement written on the first-floor girls' bathroom wall. The brief statement could have been interpreted in several different ways, but in the interest of keeping everyone safe, we chose to take a very conservative approach and we closed school yesterday. Many of you have likely seen the note, as a picture of it did go viral. The note may have been intended to be funny – but, it wasn’t. It caused stress, anxiety, and extra work for some people.

If we truly did not believe that we were safe to be here today – we would not be here. 

At this point, we still do not have enough information to determine who was responsible for writing the statement, therefore we are unable to hold them accountable. We will continue to work toward gathering information and holding the person responsible accountable.

If you have any information that would help us, please bring it to the Main Office or get it to a teacher who can then turn it over to the administration.

 While it may have been enjoyable to have yesterday off from school, please keep in mind – that day will be made up at the end of the year – much like a snow day. The pause cost us valuable instruction time and it also meant many of you were not playing or practicing the sports or activities that you enjoy each day.

 So – we have had 1 snow day and we are likely 3 months from seeing our first accumulating snow. We do not want to extend the year too long into June – as it gets very hot in this building in June.  Extending the school year and potentially our date for graduation is not something we wish to do but may be considered.

 I do not believe Old Town High School is any less safe today than it was on Wednesday. There are things you can do every day to help keep all of us safe.

1.     Stand up to this type of behavior. Don’t let it be the joke of the day – it isn’t funny.

2.    Don’t spread misinformation. Make sure what you are repeating is accurate.

3.    If you know something – tell a teacher or an administrator.

4.   If you see something – report it to a teacher or an administrator.

 We all need to do our part to keep Old Town High School the great place that it is. We will get through this.

 Thank You.

Have a Great Friday and a Wonderful Weekend

Scott Gordon


Old Town High School

203 Stillwater Avenue

Old Town, ME   04468

(207) 827-3910 ext. 2303