RSU 34

Regional School Unit No. 34

Alton – Bradley – Old Town

156 Oak Street

Old Town, Maine  04468

Telephone (207) 827-7171

David A. Walker, Superintendent




Regional School Unit No. 34 maintains a policy of keeping school in session under all conditions; except when weather and road conditions are hazardous and therefore jeopardize student safety.  In general, when bus schedules are disrupted due to road conditions, schools will not be in sessionRegardless of our decision to open or not open schools, we respect the right of parents to make the decision not to send your child(ren) to school when you feel their safety is at risk due to travel conditions.  In these cases, the absence will be excused when we receive a note from you stating you chose to keep your child at home for safety reasons.  NO-SCHOOL announcements will be made using our Emergency Notification system and posted on our website  www.rsu34.orgWe will also notify area television stations that accept early morning school closing notifications.

 Under most circumstances children are kept in school for the full day once they have reported to school.  Early dismissal of students would occur only when weather conditions would appear to be too hazardous to remain the full day, loss of power for an extended period or when travel conditions are predicted to significantly worsen prior to normal dismissal times. In this case, students would be dismissed earlyParents who are not at home during the day should make early dismissal plans for their child(ren) and make the school aware of these emergency plans.  Advance planning for a neighbor, friend or family member to care for your child(ren) if they are dismissed early is critical.   We may also delay the start of school if travel conditions so warrant.  This too might require advance planning on your part if your child(ren) are not boarding the bus at their usual time and/or the school is not open to accept students until a later time. 

I STRONGLY URGE all parents to make plans in advance before the winter season.

Feel free to call my office (827-7171) or any of the school offices if you have questions or if we can assist you with making plans for your child(ren).  The safety and wellbeing of your child(ren) is most important to us.


                                                                                    David A. Walker

                                                               Superintendent of Schools