Office of the Principal

This was the message sent and read to the students this morning from Principal Scott Gordon

Good Morning Old Town High School.

 As you all know, today is our first day of masks being optional in all RSU 34 schools.  This marks a new phase in what has been an almost two-year journey.

Please keep in mind that this transition brings great happiness and joy for some but will undoubtedly bring great anxiety for others.  Please keep in mind that you cannot possibly know every situation for every person that walks through our hallways each day.  You do not know their health status and you do not know whether they might be choosing to wear a mask to protect someone at home.

We will have zero tolerance for students who choose to bully, harass, or ridicule those who choose to wear a mask all day or situationally within our building.

This transition is going to require maturity, kindness, and understanding.  We have a school community that has shown a tremendous ability to be supportive of one another through a wide variety of situations.  We are asking for that same type of energy from you now. 

Let’s make this transition a safe and positive one for everyone in our school community.

Thank You and Have a Great Day!